Technology & Resources

At HWM, we have adopted various technologies and software which help us provide analysis and functionality to our clients.  Below is a high level snapshot of some of the tools we use.  If you have questions about the tools and resources available at HWM, don’t hesitate to ask your advisor.  We’re always here to help!

Financial Planning

Our advisors leverage powerful financial planning software to perform detailed analysis on the areas that matter most to you.  With your input, they'll monitor and adjust your plan as changes in life and the economy occur.  Capabilities such as account aggregation, Monte Carlo simulations and document storage will help everyone stay on the same page.

Divorce Planning

At HWM, we utilize specialized software to provide an analysis of different settlement options and what those options may look like for the client in the short, mid and long term.  These tools are entirely separate from general financial planning software and are built specifically to analyze situations specific to a divorce.  We'll help to provide clarity into your financial future.

Risk Analysis

Riskalyze enables us to quantify the risk of your current investment portfolio and provide transparency into how much risk you're taking on.  We'll work with you to maintain alignment to your risk tolerance and investment horizon, while minimizing fees.  Investing can be complicated - we have the tools and expertise to help us all stay on the same page.  Read more...

24/7 Client Access

Say goodbye to snail mail, clutter, and information that’s outdated the moment it’s printed. Say hello to secure, constant, anywhere online access to your financial information.  At HWM we believe in complete transparency and an important piece of transparency is ensuring our clients have constant access to their financial info.  We'll introduce you to the tools needed to stay informed.

Virtual Meetings

We understand your time is valuable and it is often easier to leverage communication channels outside of in-person meetings. Virtual meetings provide greater flexibility for our clients, improve productivity and cut down on travel.  It's always your choice on how you would like to meet and we'll always provide tailored service to meet your changing needs.

Social Media

Curious about the going-ons at the HWM home office?  Checkout our social media pages for the latest updates!

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Our broker-dealer partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network® allows us access to advanced planning resources and research material.  Our advisors also attend various conferences throughout the year to stay informed on the constantly changing financial industry.  We bring this information back to the office and provide our clients access to vetted resources.


Maintaining your privacy is one of our top priorities.  Our advisors and employees are trained in the proper handling of sensitive information.  We have physical and electronic safeguards in place aligned to Commonwealth Financial Network's® privacy policy - which can be found here.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at