WealthVisionIn order to provide financial planning around specific goals and objectives we utilize WealthVision℠ an integrated financial planning software for tracking progress against goals that is comprehensive and flexible enough to manage your needs.

In addition it provides:

Document Storage: We all have important documents that must be kept safe and secure. WealthVision℠ offers a secure document storage service called “The Vault” that allows you and Harkins Wealth Management to upload and access your documents from a computer, tablet or smart phone. The types of documents our clients typically save include tax returns, estate planning documents, and life insurance policies. All documents uploaded are accessible by clients at any time.

Account Aggregation: If you are like most investors, you have to visit multiple websites to obtain all of your account balances. WealthVision℠ provides a user-friendly tool to consolidate and update the balances of all your assets and liabilities, including those held at a bank, credit union or virtually any financial institution, on a daily basis. Whether you would like to view account balances, investment details or a consolidated balance sheet, you will have access to such customized reports at your fingertips.

Collaboration: Another major benefit for our clients is that we can collaborate with your different advisors from different locations at the same time. This includes your attorney, CPA, or banker. In addition, these individuals can have access to designated areas of your financial homepage lessening the amount of financial information that you have to gather and provide to each of these advisors on an on-going basis.

At Harkins Wealth Management, we value our client relationships and hope to be your trusted advisor for many years to come.