Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Financial Planning for Couples

At Harkins Wealth Management, we believe that a comprehensive financial planning approach is the best way for us to learn about, and meet our client’s needs.

In our first meeting, we explain our planning process and define how we will work together.  This includes a discussion on our fee structures and any deliverables that you can expect. Our next step is to work together on getting a detailed review and analysis of your full financial picture.

The process includes gathering information on your budget, assets, liabilities, and risk tolerance. This is also a time to review your pressing concerns and available resources.

A review allows us to provide a financial plan that can work towards your goals and objectives.


We have found that with a majority of our clients, the most common areas they want us to address are:
  • Looking at whether they are on track for retirement;
  • Reviewing their retirement plan distribution options for retirement income planning;
  • Reducing tax liabilities and providing a plan for gifting;
  • Withdrawing funds after retiring in the most efficient manner;
  • Ensuring that their family is insurance protected from unforeseen circumstances;
  • Balancing college savings with retirement goals

Without proper planning, it can be difficult for individuals and families to make important financial, and often, life-altering decisions.

Using our 6-step financial planning process, we can assess your current situation, model cash flow projections and illustrate various financial planning scenarios.

Once we have evaluated your specific situation, we then make recommendations that are explained to you fully. We want you to have an understanding of the entire process so that you can make informed decisions.

Quarterly reviews allow us to both monitor progress towards your goals and recommendations developed together.

We welcome questions and will adjust the plan depending on where life takes you. We also truly believe that an educated investor is a better investor therefore we provide educational opportunities either one-on-one or in-group settings.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.