Socially Responsible Investing

At HWM, we work to align our clients’ investments with their moral values.  Whether that be investing in renewable energy or avoiding stock for companies that seem to negatively impact the environment on a recurring basis.  Buying shares in a company helps that company to grow and we want our clients to feel good about the companies using their investments to increase their reach and spread their products throughout the world.  Today, there are more options than ever for those of us who want to support socially conscious, sustainable, and ethical business practices, women in leadership, gender equality, and projects that encourage positive environmental benefits. We work to provide our clients increased clarity by offering:

– Custom Tailored Investment Portfolios

– Access to Socially Conscious Investment Vehicles

– Investment Advice Aligned to Your Ideals

– Transparency into Your Holdings

We love to hear how we can help you.  Don’t hesitate to schedule a time to meet here.

The return may be lower than if the advisor made decisions based solely on investment considerations.

There is no guarantee that any investment goal will be met.