Managing Your Workplace Retirement Plan

Over the last decade, the responsibility for saving for retirement has shifted from company based plans such as pensions to a self-directed 401k or 403(b) where each participant is responsible for their own investment choices. For many investors, this single account is their largest investment asset.

More than ever, your workplace retirement plan is important to your retirement success.

So how do you manage your 401k or 403(b)?

Do you choose investments based on your risk and time horizon?

Managing your retirement plan can feel like an overwhelming and confusing process. We can help through the Retirement Plan Consulting Program


What is the Retirement Plan Consulting Program?

The Retirement Plan Consulting Program permits us to offer advisory services to participants of 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plans held through their employer, if allowed by the plan. These advisory services include ongoing management and advice regarding the investment options made available to you within your plan. We use discretionary account management of your 401k or 403(b) using our own unique user ID and password credentials for online trading and review access.


We will:

• Create a customized asset allocation based on your unique goals, objectives, and tolerance for risk.

• Review and analyze your current investment choices, and rank each investment based on its relative strength score, then separate it into the appropriate investment category.

• Use your individual asset allocation to select investments within each category used by our ranking system.

• Conduct regular meetings to review performance, make the necessary changes, and re-balance the portfolio.


What are our qualifications?

• Over 35 years of combined investment advisory experience

• Experience managing a significant number of discretionary advisory accounts

• Advanced training and designations


What custodians do we use?

• Fidelity Direct WealthCentral Platform



How do we manage your account?

Management of your account includes directing future contributions, changing current allocations, and/or periodic re-balancing. Each custodian and/or plan may have their own criteria for determining the available investment selection.