Five Tasks to Tackle before Retiring

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  Five Tasks to Tackle before Retiring For many, retirement is an end-goal for a lifetime of preparation. Couples have saved carefully and have made plans for the day when they will have time to pursue hobbies, take classes or spend more time with family. This next phase could last for 25 to 35 years […]

The 5 financial rules every college student should live by

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Read the Washington Post’s story in which we provided some insight for college students around finances and financial planning: “It’s time to stuff your suitcases full of all your earthly belongings and go shopping for a hoodie bearing some fearsome mascot. You’re headed off to college, perhaps the first time you will be left to your own financial devices. It’s a […]

Financial Planning for Couples

The Five-Day Budget Makeover

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We have said many times that one of the best ways to take large, or tasks that just feel large into a manageable project are to break them down into smaller pieces. Interestingly enough science actually backs up that notion. Scientists who study the human brain have found that our brain fears big projects. And […]