Avoiding Identity Theft

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Identity theft is a serious crime, one that affects millions of Americans each year according to statistics published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information in order to commit fraud or other crimes such as opening credit in your name or using your information to make unauthorized […]

Is it Too Late to Start Saving for Retirement?

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If you feel like you are getting started later than you would like on saving for your retirement, don’t panic. There are things you can do. We all have competing interests for our money: student loan debt, children, starting a business, helping a family member and the list goes on. Here are pointers to get […]

How do I talk to my parents about money?

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Over the holidays many of us visited our parents and during the visit we may have noticed something new. A trailing thought, slower movements or a need for glasses or a hearing aid. Time passes quickly and our parents/role models/caregivers are now entering a new phase of their life; retirement or the advanced years. These […]