Harkins Wealth Management (HWM), a wealth planning and investment management firm, was founded in June of 2008. The firm was established in Providence, Rhode Island by Frederick J. Harkins to serve individual investors, families and institutions.  After having spent most of his career in banking and larger financial firms, Rick wanted the opportunity for independence and access to the whole spectrum of investments and financial planning tools available to financial planners/investment managers. At that time his spouse, Michelle Cortes-Harkins, also joined the firm working in a licensed administrative role. Michelle transitioned to financial planning/investment management after the first year and continues to help clients work toward their planning goals.


Mission & Vision

At Harkins Wealth Management, our mission is to be your most trusted advisor through our professional knowledge, integrity and personalized service.   All advisors are held to the highest degree of ethical and fiduciary responsibility as we pursue our goal of helping bring financial education to the community.  We want to provide each of our clients with confidence in their future.


How can HWM help you?

We offer one-on-one guidance customized to your individualized needs, goals and objectives. With over 35 years of combined knowledge and experience in the financial services industry, we believe we are the right choice for those seeking an independent team of advisors. We are able to assist with:

-Holistic Financial Planning

-Investment Management & Socially Responsible Investing

-Divorce Financial Planning

-401K Investment Advice

-Benefit Plan Review

-Medicare Planning

-And more!